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Fort Lauderdale Probate Attorney


Salvation Legal is a law practice founded on the principals and teachings of the Bible. The Bible teaches us to use honest scales, help those in need, and to love and respect our neighbors. Therefore, we approach the practice of law with these principals at the forefront of our mind to provide the highest standards of ethical representation to all people, regardless of belief, affiliation, or lack thereof. 

Through over a decade of experience, we have learned that complying with the law and operating ethically should only be the starting point. We have chosen to raise the bar even higher to assure that all of our clients receive the highest level of respect, honesty and fairness and to never compromise our integrity. We believe in the principal of glorifying God through our work and to reflect His goodness in all that we do.

We promise to take a genuine interest in you and the details of your legal matter.  You will never just be a number. We also promise to charge fair rates for legal representation. 


Entrusting us to handle your case means that you can be certain that you will receive the best representation as we take on your present burdens while you focus on future successes.


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