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Contracts and agreements are an important part of every day life. Contracts are regularly entered into for online services, construction or maintenance of homes or businesses, the purchase of products, etc. To a lay person, the terms of these contracts can be confusing and difficult to understand which creates an avenue to be mislead or taken advantage of. 

We have extensive experience reviewing contracts and handling breach of contract cases. We will review all documents and terms of the agreement you entered into and discuss all possible remedies with you.

Our goal is to ensure that our clients receive the benefit of what they bargained for when they entered into a contract. If you entered into a contractural agreement and the other party did not uphold what they promised to do, Salvation Legal is here to assist you in advocating on your behalf.

We assist you with:

·      Breach of Contract or Legal Agreement

·      Service Contract Disputes

·      Residential and Commercial Contractor Disputes

·      Corporate Terms and Agreements Disputes

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